There was a time when businesses were more focused on the development of websites. But with the evolution of smartphones, the focus has been shifted to Mobile apps. You may get surprised by the fact that about 63% of Millennials prefer to surf on a mobile app rather than on websites. It's the misconception that people are more into websites than the apps. This is usually because people get a more personalized or customized experience on mobile applications than web apps. So, jump into this and start your new mobile app development course for beginners.

Integral Role of Mobile Application Development in the Current Era:

At first, digital marketing included Website development only, but soon they recognized the need for Mobile Application in the branding process. One can easily realize the competition in the market with the fact that more than 1000 apps are daily introduced on the Apple App Store while Android has even more than that because almost 4000 new apps enter Android' Play Store every day.

Mobile App Development certificate and knowledge can help everyone belonging to the domain that does a lot of online business. Mobile applications help businesses in achieving their goals even faster.

Why You Should Choose Intrawings For Training?

Now we, Intra Wings, understand that it's pretty hard to make a place in the job market without the know-how of Mobile Development. There are tons of arguments on which platform has comparatively more significance over the other but it's clear that Mobile App Development's significance has no two differed opinions. To begin your career as a Mobile App Developer, you will need guidance for choosing the right pathway. Our experienced and professional Mobile App Developers, who have wide experience in various platforms for App Development can give you so. Our top management has brought a golden opportunity for you in the shape of the Training of Mobile App Development. The course will give you a sufficient guide for the learning of both platforms (Android and iOS). The course will begin with assuming you as a beginner and will take you to the professional level.

Our Courses

Let's have a look at the contents that will be covered in the above-mentioned course in context with Android App Development:

  • Concepts revision of JAVA and intro to Android Development
  • Systems programming and JNI concepts
  • Android Graphics and Multimedia
  • 3d graphics in OpenGL
  • Android Widgets
  • Android Networking
  • Complete App Development

And for IOS App Development Certificate, the following will be the topics:

  • Introduction OOP
  • Memory Management & Interface Builder
  • Cocoa Touch and MVC
  • Controls, gestures, and Keyboard Handling
  • File Handling and basic data persistence
  • Core services

A reputable and efficient Mobile App developer is the one that is open for innovations and disruptive trends that are introduced in the market. It's not just that you can just make and deliver it to the client, you have to keep an eye on the maintenance of the app. This is the portion where most of the trainer’s lack. But we know all of those issues that you may get encountered later and we have kept room for such things.

This training will open up new doors for you as you will be able to attract recruiters with the title of Mobile App Developer which has managed to make its place in the list of top 10 trending’s and required job of the current scenario.