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E-mail marketing services is one of the most effective direct marketing channels and can encourage significant growth – if you know what you are doing. If done correctly, personal and creative e-mail marketing helps new and existing customers to visit your website.

Some studies even indicate that every euro invested in e-mail marketing generates around 30 euros. It still stands head and shoulders above the other tools available to the online marketer, such as SEO, Display and Banner Ads.

But if people don’t open your e-mails, you won’t notice it. Our experience is that if an e-mail does not make a significant contribution to your online turnover, you probably do not use it properly.

How would you measure the achievement of e-mail marketing?

Due to the sharp increase in the number of channels and the economic uncertainty, the demand among managements for accountability has increased. Marketers must prove the effectiveness of their efforts and work more numerically. It is more and more about results. Fortunately, almost everything is measured in e-mail marketing.

Measuring e-mailings requires an objective

Knowing whether you have success is the most important reason to measure. If you exceed your goal, you can speak of success. Measuring without a goal is like a company without profit. It gives no value-added factor.

Setting a good goal is often difficult in marketing. With e-mail campaigns, you can have different objectives. We usually measure these objectives against so-called conversion ratios. By comparing conversion ratios of various campaigns, you can quantify the success. If you do not have enough data yourself, because you have not yet or have just started e-mail campaigns, you can use general benchmarks.

Best E-Mail Marketing Services Tips

  1. Create an exclusive club.

A great way to get the recipient interested in the contents of the letter is to make him feel special. This is a powerful tool in building communications.

Exclusivity may not be explicit, as, for example, at Apple.

Whenever Apple introduces a new product, shoppers besiege the company’s stores to hold on to the novelty. By working on pre-orders, Apple gains the interest of customers without additional excitement in its offline stores.

  1. Show your concern.

Intra Wings E-mail marketing experts keep an eye on Your partners receive dozens, if not hundreds, of letters every day. They are regularly offered to install a free version, download a book or subscribe to someone on Twitter.

Each mailbox has such letters. By showing our users their concern, we go a long way in gaining their trust.

  1. Use attachments in messages.

Marketing e-mails usually do not contain file attachments, as they focus mainly on the content of the message, its appearance and suggestions for actions for users. But why not add some practicality to your e-mail messages?

Their messages bring pleasure to users, not only because they have a very beautiful design, but also due to their practicality. This e-mail prompts the user to action, and the familiar picture of nature makes it easier to offer users to set the premium application level. So, to have such services by our bulk e-mail marketing services you can contact Intra Wings.

  1. Tell readers what to do next.

A fundamental conversion error is the inability to take the next step. How can something be converted if users do not know what needs to be done?

Conversion Rate Experts constantly emphasize this: “Be open and straight forward with your users, explaining to them what further actions you expect from them.”

  1. Use the same theme each time.

This is another tactic that seems counterintuitive at first glance but is very effective if your users trust you and your brand. This idea is very convenient for transactional letters, such as receipts and invoices – it allows users to find and refer to these letters easily. This tactic is also good for newsletters and promotional mailings if they are sent out every day, week or month.

Remember that you need your readers to look forward to your letters, no matter what the title of the message says.

  1. Use the buttons.

This is the most natural e-mail marketing tip you’ve ever heard: “If you want users to make transitions, for that we use the buttons.”

There are many case studies on this topic. Campaign Monitor, for example, received a 28% increase in clicks when they tested mail with and without buttons.

When it comes to writing texts and designing buttons, we always refer to experts. So, if you also want to increase your clicks, then visit our website.

  1. Remind your readers what you are doing

Bell Cooper gives tips on e-mail marketing & target corporation advertising:

“Do not expect people to remember what you are doing. It is your job to remind them of this constantly. Each e-mail that we send, regardless of whether it is sent to new subscribers or our regular readers, contains a link to our company. And the link is constantly being opened !! “

  1. Product reviews

Product reviews are incredibly important for a website. The average consumer reads ten online reviews before they trust a company. Why? Because the experience of other customers is valuable. It is unbiased information. It is no more than normal that they influence purchase decisions. Studies show that customers find reviews older than three months no longer relevant, so the more (positive) and recent reviews you have, the better it is. If your clients leave a positive review, that’s great! If the assessment is less favourable, you have the opportunity to contact these customers directly, correct the situation, and still give them the feeling that they have had a positive experience with your company.

  1. Follow-up e-mails for abandoned carts

The latest findings from Statistics show that more than 70% of the shopping carts are abandoned. People chose a product, added it to their shopping cart and then left. What went wrong there? When a customer leaves his shopping cart, send him a reminder e-mail. Studies show that such a simple e-mail initiative can have impressive conversion rates if they are sent within an hour of leaving the shopping cart.

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